We’re convinced that good architecture – created in a way that cares for people and cities as a whole – is an investment in the future. It incorporates both comfort and esthetics – the very social values that encourage society, companies and cities to flourish and grow. It’s an architecture that’s also concerned about physical values – the construction materials of our buildings can be used again in the future. In our projects, we pay equal attention to design and the choice of materials. By taking the long-term view and immersing ourselves in the economic aspects, we’re able to bring to life architecture that creates value for both society and the developer.

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Investments in quality architecture

In our view, the artistic and rational approaches are entirely compatible. We combine an artistic sensibility with sociological, economic, statistical, technological and technological tools. When creating an architectural concept, we start with a detailed analysis of the building site in order to find – or form – that singular idea that will become foundational for the entire project, filling it with meaning and thereby making it attractive to the target audience. At the same time, we work through all of the functional aspects, selecting materials, proposing utility solutions and calculating operating costs. In this way, we take into account all of the issues that have an impact on the building’s market value. We’re convinced that taking this approach lets the project reach its full potential and gets the best architecture off to a great start.


Areas of expertise

Architectural design

Engineering design

Master planning

Landscape design

Interior design

BIM consulting

3D modelling

Data analysis

Project management

Field supervision

”Economic issues are of fundamental importance to architecture. It’s precisely economics that determine whether an architectural idea can be brought to life in the form of a concrete solution, and if so – how.”

Magnus Månsson, SAR/MSA Architect, Head of the Concern, Professor

Magnus Månsson, koncernchef och arkitekt på Semrén & Månsson

Design areas

Medical and social facilities

Schools and universities


Residential complexes

Commercial real estate


Cultural facilities

Urban design

Site improvement concepts

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Christopher Kihlberg arkitekt på Semrén & Månsson i Göteborg

Design work

Urban planning concepts

Site designs

Master plans

Planning solutions

Façade solutions

Interior design

Landscaping and site improvements


Design documentation

Construction documentation

Maria Broman, arkitekt och VD på Semrén & Månsson International

Contact person

Maria Broman

CEO, Architect SAR/MSA. Partner

+46 735 33 27


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