Digitalization & innovation

The complexity and risks associated with a construction project are higher today than ever before. The digitalization of processes and use of innovative tools in construction are necessary for the security of investments and the planning of developer profits.

modell av en byggnad helikoptervy

From digital design to construction

Together with Zynka BIM, we at Semrén & Månsson are developing new tools to improve our understanding of all stages of the design and construction process. We’re creating digital models and analytical criteria for designs in order to achieve precision visualizations and evaluations of their measurable values. This makes the design process transparent and manageable along the entire path to construction.

Areas of digital expertise


BLM (building lifecycle management)

Laser scanning

Algorithmic design

VR (Virtual reality)

AR (Augmented reality)

GIS (geoinformation systems)

Climactic analysis

Digital twins

Digital platform

BIM coordination

BIM consulting

2D and 3D models


”Our overarching goal is end-to-end BIM design from concept to operation.”

Maria Broman, CEO Semrén & Månsson

Maria Broman
Maria Broman, arkitekt och VD på Semrén & Månsson International

Contact person

Maria Broman

CEO, Architect SAR/MSA. Partner

+46 735 33 27


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