It’s within our power to create projects with a long service life and an economically sound construction cost for the developer – all while reducing harmful impacts on our planet. What’s more, modern architecture must adapt to rapidly emerging changes and crises. Flexibility makes architecture sustainable: it can be transformed and rebuilt. We offer sustainable solutions that become solid investments.

Isak Heedman

Architecture as an investment in the future

At Semrén & Månsson, we believe that modern architecture must combine concern for the developer’s bottom line with care for both climate and society. That’s precisely why our offices are staffed by groups of employees who study and offer the incorporation of sustainability best practices based on what’s good for business and good for the planet.

Statistics show that our society is ready to start taking practical steps in that direction. And, as architects, we’re striving to take these societal changes into account so as to offer our clients sustainable and sought-after solutions.

Buildings designed for a long service life reduce operating costs, require less maintenance and lower the risks associated with the need to replace building materials and structural elements. Thanks to the digitalization of the construction process and analytical tools, from the earliest concept stage, we can embed the optimal energy-efficiency indicators into the project, choose the safest building materials – and much more.

Together with our Swedish colleagues, we’re creating cutting-edge projects that provide market advantages for the developer while encouraging the sustainable development of society.

Sustainability in architecture and in business

Life-cycle assessment

Durable materials

Environmental monitoring

Certification (BREEAM, LEED, WELL)

Circular economy


BIM modelling


”Building sustainably needs to become more economically advantageous. This is where we architects have an important role to play in making good arguments, demonstrating the benefits and explaining the relationship between costs and long-term values. Those of us who build on our own can also set a good example, while learning to understand the client's reality.”

Magnus Månsson, architect SAR/MSA, president, adj. Professor

Sustainable process

Sustainability development strategies

Analysis of urban quality

Analysis of environmental comfort level for children

Digital analytics

Sustainable development seminars

Sustainable engineering solutions

Use of sustainable materials

Två medarbetare i designprocess

Sustainable innovations

Climate-positive construction

Sustainable design

Adaptation to climactic changes

Solutions for low-mobility population groups

Digital management


Local alternative energy sources

Maria Broman, arkitekt och VD på Semrén & Månsson International

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