A new chapter in the life of Semrén & Månsson: office in Serbia!


We continue to present the team Semrén & Månsson International. Marko Todorovich is the head of business development in the Balkan region and the architect in our Serbian office. We asked him about his background and why he believes Semrén & Månssons offer is essential for the Balkan market.

Dear Marko, you are the new head of Semrén & Månsson in the Balkan region. Please tell us a little about your background and how you became a part of Semrén & Månsson.

I have the great pleasure I got the opportunity to work in Semrén & Månsson team. My experience of 20 years allowed me to participate and to see the beauty of our industry from different perspectives: from the side of project and design bureaus, but also the shoes of the largest investors and contractors in Serbia. I come from a family of architects, which helped me as a young student get strong support, mentoring, and practical foundations in architecture. 

I believe that my understanding of the local markets and the needs and wishes of local clients and the public will result in good examples of modern and sustainable architecture.

What company qualities have attracted you to being a part of the Semrén & Månsson International team?

In my opinion, business philosophy, holistic approach to business, visionary spirit, and expertise are the key strengths of Semrén & Månsson, and precisely that all motivated me the most to become part of the team.

As an architect, I was drawn to Swedish design adapted to local markets. A combination of functionality, aesthetics, and attractiveness resists time, the ecological approach, and commitment and loyalty to its projects.

Scandinavian design by local norms – is the general approach of Semrén & Månsson International and something we have seen great interest in our 12 years In Europe. What do you think is the key to this success? And what would you say is the demand in the Balkan market?  

The region’s awareness of sustainable architecture and the responsible use of resources is growing daily. Nevertheless, the full potential of applying this approach is still ahead of us. Still, I am happy that Semrén & Månsson will have the opportunity to impact it significantly.

Understanding the local market is the key to business success. Provide additional value for the end users (in our case, the public and investors) through sustainable architecture and the preservation of local heritage. You will surely leave a long-term mark. In this way, you get the opportunity to shape the life and architecture of that city, market, and region, which is impressive.

What’s next for Semrén & Månsson in the Balkans?

Considering all the circumstances and the turbulent period we are witnessing, the most important thing is to have an agile approach; thus, we constantly adapt and improve our plans.

We aim to participate in local design and architecture with our projects and encourage local investors and developers in Serbia to create joint innovative projects. At the same time, we strive to spread good practices and examples to the region’s countries. Our mission is to continue spreading our values, especially the philosophy of sustainable architecture, and to work and develop authentic projects with a focus on functionality and human values, as well as to offer our clients an optimal and cost-effective business.


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