Semrén & Månsson International at the ReBuild Ukraine Exhibition


On 14-15 November, the ReBuild Ukraine Exhibition & Conference was passed in Warsaw, where Semrén & Månsson International participated in the Swedish delegation.

Maria Broman, CEO of Semrén & Månsson International, and Maciej Tomaszunas, Head of Business Development CEE, represented our company at the event. We briefly interviewed Maciej to find out about the event first-hand.


Maciej, can you share your experience at the ReBuild Ukraine Exhibition & Conference? What were some key takeaways from the fair?

The cyclical fair was characterized by a highly dynamic atmosphere centred on efforts to rebuild Ukraine. The expo showcased organizations and companies with cutting-edge technologies from various sectors, emphasizing the importance of international collaboration in using these advancements for the comprehensive reconstruction of Ukraine. Attendees left with a sincere sense of the collective commitment to leverage solidarity backed up by innovations, a catalyst for positive change in this war-torn country. Moreover, essential decisions with key stakeholders on the governmental level were made to speed up the reconstruction process.

What common themes have emerged in discussions about rebuilding Ukraine?

Discussions on rebuilding Ukraine consistently echo themes that underscore the nation’s path to recovery. International support emerges as a crucial element, emphasising the need for collaborative efforts to address challenges effectively. Sustainable infrastructure and housing development take centre stage from our perspective, reflecting a commitment to building a physically resilient, environmentally conscious, forward-looking Ukraine. Economic resilience becomes a focal point, with discussions around strategies for funding the first projects.

Considering the current situation, what obstacles and possibilities do you see in the reconstruction efforts?

The reconstruction efforts in Ukraine face a complex landscape of obstacles and possibilities. Geopolitical tensions pose challenges, requiring careful navigation for successful implementation during an active war. Financial constraints demand strategic resource allocation, while logistical problems involve efficient coordination. However, within these challenges lie opportunities for progress. Strategic international partnerships with foreign partners that provide vital resources and local Ukrainian partners with expertise are crucial to making things work in this unusual time. A shared commitment to development is the only way to create change.

Can you share more about how your company envisions contributing to the reconstruction of Ukraine and what Swedish values you hope to bring to their market?

As Our company envisions a meaningful contribution to Ukraine’s reconstruction by embodying core Swedish values. Sustainability, efficiency, and social responsibility are the foundation of our approach. We plan to introduce projects that align with the Swedish commitment to innovation and social and environmental consciousness. Collaborating closely with local communities, we aim to address immediate reconstruction needs and ensure sustainable, long-term economic and social development.


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