Semrén & Månsson’s Polish office, a hub for future European development


Our first foreign office was founded in Poland due to its convenient location in the heart of central Europe. Today we have two offices here: in Szczecin and Warsaw. We’ve talked with Maciej Tomaszunas, Head of business development Poland, about the lessons learned from the pandemic, current challenges and, of course, plans in the CEE region and Ukraine.

Maciej, you started work at Semrén & Månsson office in the increasing moment of a pandemic. A new office was opened in Warsaw during the world closing period. What was the reason for that decision?

Semrén & Månsson strategically opened an office in Warsaw to tap into the country’s thriving business landscape and capitalise on its emerging market potential. With Warsaw’s and Poland’s robust economy, skilled workforce, and favourable investment environment, we aimed to establish a solid local presence by sharing our Swedish values and thereby seize new opportunities in this dynamic region. In addition to capitalising on Poland’s emerging market potential, Semrén & Månsson recognised Warsaw as a strategic hub for accessing the broader European market. Furthermore, the city’s central location within CEE makes it an ideal base for expanding its regional operations.

Your professional way is primarily connected with international and often Swedish companies. Please tell us briefly about your career and how you have become an essential part of Semrén & Månsson.

I happen to have absorbed both Polish and Swedish culture. After my birth, my parents moved from Poland to Sweden, away from the communist era in Eastern Europe. In Sweden, I grew up, got an education, and started my career in international companies that, like me, were at the crossroads of cultures.

My ability to effectively navigate the intricacies of international business has caught the attention of Semrén & Månsson, known for its expertise in providing comprehensive, innovative, Swedish architectural solutions to clients operating in various markets in CEE. Recognising my track record and experience with a unique insight into Swedish and international business practices in Poland, Semrén & Månsson saw me as an exciting addition to their team.

Semrén & Månsson offers a holistic approach to projects: architecture, digitalisation, and experience in construction (in Sweden). How do these competencies help in collaboration with developers?

Firstly, our architectural competence enables us to provide innovative and functional design solutions tailored to the specific needs of developers.

Secondly, our digitalisation expertise allows Semrén & Månsson to leverage cutting-edge technologies and tools to streamline project workflows, enhance collaboration, and improve project efficiency.

Furthermore, Semrén & Månsson’s experience in construction, particularly in Sweden, provides valuable insights into construction techniques and industry best practices. Our in-depth knowledge of the Swedish and Central European construction market allows us to navigate potential challenges seamlessly, ensuring compliance, quality, and timely project delivery.

By combining architecture, digitalisation, and construction expertise, Semrén & Månsson offers developers a comprehensive and integrated approach to project development.

The experience of starting the new office during the pandemic has been an essential lesson in evolution in a crisis. We now face new challenges. What helped in that period, and what lessons can be applied to the present?

The experience of starting deals during the pandemic has been a valuable lesson in adapting and evolving in times of crisis. Several factors likely contributed to navigating that period successfully. One key aspect was the ability to embrace and leverage digital technologies quickly. Remote collaboration tools, virtual meetings, and digital document management systems became essential in ensuring business continuity and maintaining effective communication with clients and stakeholders.

The business landscape may present new challenges and uncertainties, and the home office mode has changed the needs of our clients and users, prioritising the home as a living space and a working place. The new reality has emphasised the continuous change of the function of the objects and the ability to do so without significant constructional changes.

Please share the company’s plans for the near future.

Throughout its 50-year history, Semrén & Månsson received orders outside Sweden. So we realised that our approach was in demand and began considering foreign offices. One step in this direction was establishing a new office in Poland as a crucial hub for our CEE clients. The next step has been opening of our new office in Belgrade, Serbia.

Nowadays we are mulling over the new office in Ukraine. We initiate projects during challenging times to help developers create beautiful architecture, establish a foothold, and position ourselves for future growth and opportunities once the situation stabilizes. That way, we could support the Ukrainian society to build confident and sustainable cities for a peaceful and fruitful life.

We think as architects and as clients simultaneously. We rely on the economic indicators of the project to make the right choices regarding aesthetic, environmental and social aspects. We’re striving to maximize the benefits to the developer and the community.


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