Digitalized design as a pillar for success

Digitalization is the tool to communicate to ensure information is clear for all participants in the construction process. Developers, architects and builders gain a common foundation for decision-making. Work efficiency also improves: the unified data system allows for better projections and more detailed business analytics. Through smart planning, we can create optimal opportunities for improving society’s quality of life while boosting the developer’s returns. Digital tools make it possible to integrate innovative solutions at the traditional construction stages and analyze how to get the greatest value out of the project over the long term.

Data lays the foundation for better architecture

Semrén & Månsson Group is one of the key participants in the digital transformation process currently unfolding in Europe. The transparency of digital tools lets us test and evaluate ideas, materials and technical aspects in a project’s early stages. Designing on the basis of actual data lies at the heart of our comprehensive analysis, resulting in the formation of a stable and understandable foundation for future construction. Our experience confirms that solutions based on data analysis are the key to a project’s architectural and commercial success.

“We’re interested in greater results than what we’re currently getting. Systematically, it’s a snowballing process: what we considered impossible yesterday we’ve made real today, and in a week – we must become even better.”


Maria Broman, arkitekt och VD på Semrén & Månsson International

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