Good for business, good for society

We’re as concerned about the quality of the architecture as we are about the benefits for the customer’s business. By understanding the project’s economics, we’re able to create better architecture that offers a profitable investment and more competitive advantages. It’s only by factoring in the relevant economic aspects that we’re capable of making a choice in favour of financially, environmentally and socially sustainable architecture. A choice that, in the long run, brings benefits to everyone.

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Sustainability with business focus

We strongly believe that architects must have a deep understanding of development. It’s only then that we can create projects with measurable value. For us, economics means the responsible management of all resources. These resources encompass finances, the specific land plot and its existing development, environmental assets, and first and foremost – human capital. Over our 50 years of being in practice, we’ve developed effective methods clearly demonstrating that quality architecture offers a good return on investment. Projects created with a business approach are well received by the market from the moment of construction and preserve their investment attractiveness into the future. In this way, we’re able to create architecture that improves society’s quality of life, which in and of itself entails both economic and social benefits. Consequently, what’s good for society is good for the economics of the construction business – and vice versa.

“Social sustainability and long-term business gains, always go hand-in-hand. What’s good for economics, society as a whole and the individual is always interrelated.”

Maria Broman, SAR/MSA Architect, General Director of the Semrén & Månsson International

Maria Broman, arkitekt och VD på Semrén & Månsson International


Maria Broman

CEO, Architect SAR/MSA. Partner

+46 735 33 27


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