Sustainable business, sustainable world

The world is facing some urgent problems: the climate crisis, the loss of biodiversity and increasing human isolation and loneliness. But we’re convinced that we can all make our own contribution towards supporting the planet. It’s within our power to develop urban concepts and design buildings by relying on modern ecological solutions that have minimal impacts on people and the environment.

Karlastaden - vy över området och karlatornet exteriör dagtid

Sustainability and business

Taking a comprehensive approach lets us create long-term value for developers, cities and society. Digitalization makes it possible to optimize the construction process: smart analytics make the design process transparent, thereby allowing us to model the required indicators at each stage and make the necessary adjustments in order to reach optimal values. As a result, mutual understanding between the architect and developer improves, thereby minimizing investment and construction risks.

For us, as architects, this digital-tool transparency offers a deeper understanding of project economics and the emergence of qualitative, sustainable architecture on its basis. We view sustainability as a necessary prerequisite for humanity’s well-being and cities’ prosperity, both now and in the future. That’s why it’s clear to us that achieving such prosperity is only possible through the engagement and cooperation of all concerned stakeholders. Consequently, we pay a great deal of attention to understanding what’s important to developers at this stage, and how together we can move towards a future in which everyone’s a winner: the client’s project and business, climate and society as a whole. It’s far from an easy road, but with the constant advancement of innovative solutions and improvements in dialogue with the client, we can make our own contribution to the creation of a sustainable world and sustainable business.

All of our projects are based on synergy between architecture, design, technology and economics. Only this combination can yield the most long-term – and therefore sustainable – effect.

Maria Broman, CEO

Maria Broman, arkitekt och VD på Semrén & Månsson International

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