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One of Sweden’s best-known golf resorts, Ekerum Resort on Öland Island, is slated to be transformed into a high-end specialty hotel. The project is the result of a tender victory won a few years back. In order to create the modern hotel, we drew inspiration from the magnificence and austerity of nature. Unique experience in a unique setting.

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ClientEkerum Resort


År2011 -

Total area180 ha

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A treat for all of the senses

Nature, weather changes, culture and food. And an experience that changes depending on the time of year. That’s a concise way of summing up the concept for Ekerum Resort, which is expanding its operations thanks to the resort’s new hotel offering. It will house roughly 180 rooms, a spa center, conference halls and restaurants.

In the Semrén & Månsson design, the island’s nature served as inspiration for exclusive architectural expression. The interplay between the structure of the building and the existing farm structures, on the one hand, and the flat landscape with its endless horizon, on the other, is the jumping-off point for this modern hotel, which is destined to become not only a grouping of rooms but also a meeting place. The historical qualities of the original farm building, combined with striking modern architecture, formed the basis for the creation of a hotel boasting individuality and expressiveness, making it an attractor to the locale.

How to create something that would be subordinate to the site’s conditions and existing structures, while at the same time featuring the distinctive traits expected of a well-developed destination?

– As a matter of fact, the answer is simple: we just have to utilize the conditions that the locale offers. The view, surroundings and local building traditions all inspire us to choose island limestone, wood and glass, where the horizon and flat landscape give architecture strength. The ideas came to us of their own accord,” confides the architect and owner of Semrén & Månsson, Magnus Månsson.

”We just have to utilize the conditions that the locale offers. The view, surroundings and local building traditions serve as a source of inspiration. The ideas came very naturally.”

Magnus Månsson, Architect SAR/MSA, Head of the Concern, Professor

A popular destination is becoming even more popular

At Ekerum, situated at Öland’s highest point, there’s already a successful resort. Thanks to its gastronomical delights, beautiful locale and spa centers, Ekerum is already a very popular vacation destination for everyone – from tourists and wedding guests to golf enthusiasts. Ekerum’s golf facilities boast the two best 18-hole courses in Sweden. But aside from golf, there’s also indoor and outdoor athletic facilities: padel courts, jogging tracks, tennis courts and football pitches.

“The grass is simply fantastic – it looks like a golf green!” raved Per Lagerstrom from the Swedish Football Association.

In other words, the conditions for the development of an even stronger brand and reinforcement of the tourism area are optimal.

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Next to the hotel is a site on which the Öland historical museum is expected to be situated. It will offer opportunities for the holding of both large exhibitions, as well as interactive expositions devoted to the local landscape, history and progress.

Design: scenery on the walls

The character of the buildings is determined by three elements: stone, glass and wood, which alternate from floor to floor. The foundation, made of Öland limestone, forms the basis: it’s firmly tied to the ground and landscape with its characteristically low limestone walls. Situated above is a translucent terrace and the entrance floor, providing a smooth transition between the indoor and outdoor space. And at the very top: a simple farm structure with an exterior wooden louvre that creates shade and visual effects.

With several different kinds of rooms, the hotel can offer a variety of accommodations with varying impressions, views and standards. Guests will continue to have the option of staying in a classical manor setting. The new additions will be the modern standard, premium and luxury rooms, nestled in the gables of the new hotel. They’re spaces that stretch along the hillside, twisting and turning as they reveal views of Kalmarsund. It’s almost as if nature were coming into the rooms themselves.


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Ekerum interiör lobby
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