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A creditable cultural mecca, the centre of the modern labour movement and where people from the inner city and the long streets meet. The Pustervik area has everything – except housing. We are now revitalising the area with 130 new apartments, among other things.

Järntorgsgatan x Brogatan exteriör kvällstid
Järntorgsgatan x Brogatan exteriör gatuvy

”There are many existing values to consider here. With the utmost respect for these, we are now adding new ones that benefit everyone in the city.”

Sophie Dufva, architect SAR/MSA and regional manager




Järntorgsgatan x Brogatan exteriör dagtid
Järntorgsgatan x Brogatan interiör hall
Järntorgsgatan x Brogatan terrass med utsikt över göteborg

How to build new without destroying history?

The Röda Bryggen neighbourhood, where Järntorgsgatan meets Brogatan, dates back to the 1860s and is of national interest for the cultural environment. However, countless renovations and extensions over the years have left their mark, so when three of the four houses were finally demolished to make way for new construction, it was not the original expression that was lost. The new face of the block is in respectful dialogue with the site’s history: contemporary and modern but also linked to its predecessor.

”Järntorgsgatan x Brogatan is a neighbourhood for the whole of Gothenburg. It is, therefore, essential that it has long-term qualities.”

Elin Wallinder, Architect SAR/MSA

Järntorgsgatan x Brogatan interiör sovrum

New additions with roots back in the past

The map and compass were already in place when the new houses were being designed. A detailed zoning plan, together with the cultural-historical values of the site and the surrounding houses, was a given starting point. But within this framework, each of the three houses has been given its own, albeit subtle, identity.

The low house on Brogatan 2 was preserved and renovated, while the rest of the block was demolished. It has determined the scale of the new development. From there, the block gradually steps up to finally meet the tall Pustervikshuset at Järntorget. Natural materials such as brick, plaster and natural stone dominate, and the colour scheme is warm and light. Just as it should be in these historic neighbourhoods. Despite the contemporary design language, the connection to the neighbouring buildings is clear, not least in the rich façade detailing with cornices, relief work and wrought iron railings around the balconies.

Järntorgsgatan x Brogatan interiör badrum

”These are houses that you will want to touch. Sturdy materials chosen with flair - like the love of a tile that drove the entire bathroom design.”

Johanna Vestlin, Interior designer SIR/MSA

Järntorgsgatan x Brogatan Moodboard
Järntorgsgatan x Brogatan interiör kök

Turn-of-the-century charm with a modern twist

Inside the facade, the relationship with the older buildings continues. It is not an interior of great expression but rather a subtle mix, a base that can be subordinated to the personal expression of the residents. Nordic classicist architecture has inspired austere ornamentation in the borderland between modern and classic. It is wood, stone and tiles with an artisan feel – consistently long-lasting materials that exude quality. Contrasts such as black and white are conspicuous by their absence, and, as with the exterior, the palette is soft and dynamic: from putty white to warm grey — the colour scheme is contemporary but, above all, found in the city itself.


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