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ResidentialUrban development

Nya Brunnshög in Lund is a Swedish pilot project aimed at transforming the district into a leading example of sustainable urban development. It’s part of Vinnova’s “Bridge the Gaps” project. In collaborative dialogue, architects, urban planners and residents are developing tools aimed at improving social cohesion and public safety in the district of the future.

ClientSerneke Projektutveckling

AddressBrunnshög, Lund

Year2016 -

Number of apartments350

Total areaca 60 000 m2


CuriositiesHighest point: 35 floors, Received Vinnova grant for "Bridge the gaps" project

”In the Brunnshög district, we’re creating a new center that’s destined to become a shining example of the European model of sustainable development.”

Serneke, Developer

Torgkvarteret exterior
Torgkvarteret exterior


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